About Me:

Hello! My name is Nadine Armiger. 

I run children's ballet and jazz classes, and an adults' ballet class. 

I trained in ballet and jazz in Kaitaia.

I am a registered teacher of the NZAMD dance syllabuses.

(I am also a fully qualified and registered schoolteacher and have worked at secondary, early childhood and primary levels in the greater Auckland area.)

I have two sons, born in '99 and '02.

My Philosophy:

I truly enjoy working with children and teenagers.

I really like teaching and have taught in various contexts for over 20 years.

I love music and the joy that comes from expressing it through dance.

I believe the benefits of hard work and self-discipline are more important than certificates or trophies.

I focus on the experience of what it feels like to perform dance, rather than on looking cute/cool.

I love dancing, teaching, and connecting with kids.

You don't decide to be a teacher, you just are one. I love dancing and I'm a teacher, I have to teach.

I love connecting with my students and building relationships.

I want them to do as well as they can but it's also about having fun - we just have so much fun!


" . . Thank you so much for the past few years, we have really enjoyed you as her dance teacher, firm but fun!!  And you very obviously enjoy your dancing."

"Your dancing school . . is a place of inspiration and warm childhood memories!"

"She really enjoys her dancing and I believe she has definitely improved this term and gained a lot of confidence through doing it.  I love your approach to the classes and that they can have so much fun and really enjoy themselves while keeping fit and learning some great ‘moves’."

"I think I speak for the majority of mums, we love your relaxed and fun style, and the kids love your classes."

"You are an absolutely brilliant teacher for these little kids – what a wonderful introduction to the world of dance."


My mission is to work with kids. It’s what I do, & it’s what I’ve always done. Through dance-teaching, I can share the joy of dance, music & performance with my students. I can empower my dancers to learn, to remember & to show new skills. I can help them to build independence, self-discipline & confidence. It is more important to me to nurture emotionally strong dancers rather than technically strong dancers.

I don’t do competitions for many reasons, but the main reason is that I don’t have the time, space or energy. I am a mum myself (you will all know what that means!), and I have to share our lovely little Glasgow Park Hall with Scouts, Pony Club, & many other community groups.

I don’t do acro work or extreme stretching because I simply do not feel qualified to teach it SAFELY (& believe me, it can be risky).

I don’t do prizegiving because I truly believe the reward of dance is the fun of performance & the enjoyment of reaching goals. EVERYONE can have those experiences, but not everyone can win an annual class trophy.

(I don’t do tap or hip hop or contemporary because I am not trained in those styles myself.)

I DO do exams because they are such an effective way to get my dancers to set, work toward and achieve goals. From the age of 6 or 7 years they are dancing for an examiner BY THEMSELVES. They feel 10 feet tall & bulletproof afterwards!

I DO do a concert because - well, of course I do! Performing for an audience is the pinnacle of any dancer’s experience. And I know how special it is to watch your own precious children up on stage!

As a dance student myself, I entered competitions & won prizes, and I’m not saying any of that is wrong. It’s just not ME. If you are looking for competition experience & acrobatic training, or alternatively dance performance without exams, you will be able to find another dance studio that will suit you better. However, if you want an experienced teacher & mum whose mission in life is to nurture confident, happy, empowered, creative kids through the art form of dance, then welcome! I’ve been waiting for you.    :)