More than just a dance class . . 


We want every dancer to feel the joy of expressing their love of music & dance.

"It makes me happy."

We want every dancer to feel nurtured & encouraged in a safe & loving family environment.

"My daughter enjoys it, still wants to do it, is not pushed to do more then she wants but is encouraged and offered opportunities that push her. Plus she benefits from this in a safe and positive environment."

We want every dancer's confidence to grow, year upon year.

"She really enjoys her dancing and I believe she has definitely improved this term and gained a lot of confidence through doing it.  I love your approach to the classes and that they can have so much fun and really enjoy themselves while keeping fit and learning some great ‘moves’."

We want every dancer to build warm & positive relationships within our dance family.

"It's a nice little place where people are friendly and most of them know each other."

We want every dancer to feel empowered to develop their creativity, leadership, perseverance & independence.

"Communication is good, classes enjoyed, dancers cherished, and you love it and show it."
"I love that my daughter always has a smile on her face when she's dancing there."

You don't decide to be a teacher, you just are one. I love dancing and I'm a teacher, I have to teach.

I love connecting with my students and building relationships.

I want them to do as well as they can but it's also about having fun - we just have so much fun!

- Nadine Armiger, Waimauku Dance studio director