Dance exams: pros & cons


No need to fear exams - believe me, they are actually fun! The only ‘snag’ is that our dance families need to be very flexible about exam days & times, as that’s something we only learn after our exam entries have been processed.


Here are 6 pros & cons to help you with your decision: 

(Spoiler - I want all* of our dancers to enter exams!) 

(*Except Ballet Babies, they are too little.)



‘Pro’ 1: Taking pride in their achievements:

It’s absolutely gorgeous to see our young dancers emerge from the exam bursting with excitement over conquering their nerves & achieving their goals. The growth in their confidence really makes them seem 10 feet tall & bulletproof afterwards! (There are 9 pass grades - EVERYONE passes.)


‘Pro’ 2: Age-appropriate exam formats:

Rosette 1 simply present their class for the examiner, dancing with full support from me as they do every week, but without any spectators until the ribbon-presentation ceremony at the end.

Rosette 2 present their class with me supporting & guiding them by talking them through it - they dance without me though.

Rosette 3 & older present their exams without any support from me, although our examiners are always very friendly & will help them out if they get stuck!


‘Pro’ 3: Ribbons, banners, reports cards & certificates:

Rosette dancers will receive a gorgeous ribbon from our visiting examiner - families are welcome to watch this special presentation ceremony at the end of the exam.

A similar presentation happens after the Stretch-Leap-Spin exam, when all dancers receive a delightful blue & gold banner from our visiting examiner, which will look wonderful proudly displayed on their bedroom wall.

All Grade-level dancers will need to wait a few days before receiving detailed feedback on a personalised report card, followed by an elegant custom-printed certificate.


‘Pro’ 4: The complete experience:

At Waimauku Dance, exams are an important part of what we do. Expectations are always age-appropriate & child-friendly, & the sense of achievement & pride our dancers feel after exams is something we value highly. It would be a shame to have a dancer miss out on the exam experience when all their classmates have taken this opportunity to grow & develop.


‘Con’ 1: Unknown date until after entries are processed:

We know when exam season is (2 - 3 weeks in late June/early July), but we won’t know our exact date until after all our entries have been received & the sessions for all the Auckland dance schools have been co-ordinated. 


‘Con’ 2: Exam-day time commitment:

Exams are held between 9am - 5pm on any day of the week, whether a school/work day or a weekend. Your dancer will need you to be flexible with transport arrangements for exam day.


Exams aren’t compulsory, but I hope you can see that they are very much worthwhile. If your dancer is on a VIP or Equal-term payment plan, they will be entered automatically. For the Basic package, the exam bundle add-on of $100 includes entry fees, weekend practices, a practice music USB etc. Please confirm your entries with me before Term 2 starts on 1 May.