"In the last 22 years, our four girls have been to a lot of dance classes - both here and in the UK and you have been the most organised teacher, thank you for that."


What can I expect?

At Waimauku Dance, you can expect your dancer’s confidence & creativity to grow before your eyes as their warm & caring teacher guides them through a carefully planned programme, all wrapped up in enjoyment, encouragement, laughter & good times!


What age can they start?

Our youngest dancers begin in the ‘Ballet Babies’ group. This class is officially designed for 3-yr-olds, however children’s development can vary greatly at this age, so if you have a very enthusiastic & determined 2-yr-old, please contact us so we can arrange a trial class. (The expectation is that they will be able to follow simple instructions, such as standing on their spot or jumping over a beanbag. Surprisingly this is not always as easy as it sounds . . !)


What times are your classes on?

Classes run every day after school, 5 days a week. The timetable is here.


Where are you located?

Our classes are held in the very tiny, very cute Glasgow Park Hall, which (of course) is located in gorgeous Glasgow Park at 65 Muriwai Rd. You may know it as the home of Pony Club or Scouts, next to Playcentre. If you'd like a video tour of the venue so you know what to expect, you can find it here.


What does my dancer have to wear?

We have a straightforward year-round dress code (with plenty of room for personal self-expression! Fun novelty leggings covered with cats, sparkles or minions are always appreciated!) Details are here. The only time dancers are expected to be in full correct uniform is for our exams in Term 2.


Can I stay and watch the class?

Yes of course! But the hall is very small, so please only come inside during your own child's class, & talk in a quiet 'inside' voice.  ;)  


Can I take photos during class?

Yes, but please be respectful of others, especially children. If they're down on the floor stretching their legs in the air, it's probably kindest to pause your photography until they're looking a bit more dignified.  ;)


When does my child get to perform?

In Term 1 we hold a low-key mini-showcase to show our families some of the classwork we've been working hard on all term.

In Term 2 we have exams - it's a very big deal for our dancers to perform for our visiting examiner, although sadly spectators are not permitted. The three Rosette levels & Stretch-Leap-Spin have special presentation ceremonies at the end which you are welcome to attend.

In Term 3 we have our annual September show with all the glitz, glamour, lights, costumes, makeup & excitement you would expect! It's the highlight of our year & we do our best to put on a crowd-pleasing razzle-dazzle extravaganza for you all!

In Term 4 we perform Xmas-themed items at weekend community markets. It's a gorgeous way to spread the festive fun amongst our local community, while dressed as reindeer/elves/angels/Santa etc etc . . 


Do you offer classes for adults?

Yes! There is fun, casual adult ballet class on Tuesday evenings. (You know you want to . . !) See Class Finder for all the details. Scroll to the end!


How much does it cost?

Fees vary by age & level. There are 3 payment-plan options to choose from, with all details here.

"Good for young children, no pressure. Great shows. Good options of classes and prices and payment options."