"Definitely value for money and the kids learn so much."


At Waimauku Dance, we are always trying our best to make it as simple & easy as possible for you to support your gorgeous children on their dance journey.

We all know what it’s like when every couple of weeks there’s yet another notice or email asking for money . . !

This is why all the year’s costs are included within the term fees, spreading the expense of major events like exams & the annual show across the full year. 


Monthly Fees:

To make fee-payment as easy as possible, we have a monthly payment schedule.

You can simply log on to your internet banking site to ‘set & forget’ dance payments to come out on the 1st of every month.

By dividing the annual fees into 12 monthly blocks instead of 4 terms, each payment is significantly smaller & more manageable.

Plus your monthly household budget will be more predictable!

Most dance schools charge for ‘extras’ but at Waimauku Dance we don’t, as they are included in the monthly fee. No surprises!

These fees cover

  • class tuition

  • access to password-protected online practice videos

  • exam entry fees

  • exam weekend practices

  • practice-music USBs

  • dress rehearsal

  • gorgeous professional show-photos

  • costume hire

You will also benefit from Nadine’s expertise as:

  • a qualified schoolteacher with over 20 years’ teaching experience

  • an experienced former-Playcentre mum (trained to Course 4 level) with a passion for early childhood education

The only additional costs you will face are dancewear & show tickets.

Ballet Babies: $50 per month. (No show or exams for this age group.)

Rosettes/Grades: $70 per month.

Of course the school terms don’t match up exactly with the months of the year, but our payment pattern will be as follows:

Term 1 - payments in January, February, March

Term 2 - payments in April, May, June

Term 3 - payments in July, August, September

Term 4 - payments in October, November, December

Both classes at Grade level: $110 per month (for dancers doing both Ballet & Jazz)