Blogcademy: Auckland 2013!

by Nadine Armiger

9 - 10 November 2013

I've known Gala Darling for years (since 2007!) and when the Blogcademy got off to a roaringly successful start and I asked her if I'd ever get the chance to attend a session in the Antipodes, I was told to 'watch this space!'

I immediately started saving up for a trip across the Tasman, so imagine my delight when the Blogcademy headmistresses announced an Auckland date!

Photo by  Jel Photography ; ears by  Crown and Glory .

Photo by Jel Photography; ears by Crown and Glory.

As a mate, I was more than happy to help out in whatever way I could, which put me in charge of goodie bags. Exciting parcels began arriving at my house from glamorous locations (Greece! Cornwall! sunny Nelson!), and I had to stack them unopened in my bedroom for months to keep them safe from nosey, sticky-fingered children . . 

The day before, when the coast was clear, I opened everything and it was just like Christmas! Glitter and prettiness everywhere! (I actually ironed the canvas goodie bags before packing them, because I'm a nerd . . . )

Photo by me.

Photo by me.

On day 1, after an early morning start with my gorgeous Fresh and Flawless friend Lauren, I trekked into the big city and found a park . . . (Bit stressful! Not my forte!) I met up with Gala at the top of the stairs for a big hug, then quickly introduced myself to Kat and Shauna. I had no time to be starstruck, but oh! What gorgeous glamorous girls! In Aotearoa in person! Wow!

Kat and Gala helped me bring the goodie bags in (to be honest they did most of the heavy lifting), then sent me off to Look Sharp on Victoria Street to get the giant silver 'B' balloons filled with helium. Of course the end result of that was me galloping down Queen St as fast as my little legs could carry me at 10 o'clock in the morning, carrying two HUGE helium balloons. Everyone was totally looking at me. Lucky I'm not shy!

I got back just after 10, and most of the blogcadettes were already there. I had my 'glow' on after my Queen St dash, so snuck a seat in the back row to catch my breath. In the end Leonie Barlow ended up taking the seat next to me! (She's quite well-known and SUPER-charming.)

The actual workshop itself was PHENOMENAL. I went because a) it's my buddy Gala! and b) I thought it might be useful to me as a small business owner. (Spoiler: it was.) But I also thought there might be a fair bit of blog-specific content that wasn't relevant to me . . . and I was wrong! It was ALL incredibly useful and inspiring. There is SO MUCH that I could be doing.  

The headmistresses were so polished and professional, all three very comfortable speaking to a group, clearly on a roll as a well-oiled machine. They are all gorgeous, entertaining and relatable - what a combo!

Photo by me.

Photo by me.

My fellow blogcadettes were all so awesome! What a bunch of ridiculously cool chicks! Plenty of different backgrounds, locations, industries and age-groups, but all of them such fascinating, enthusiastic and inspiring ladies. Not to mention Lyn the official videographer who wowed me with her wisdom, and Eleanor the official photographer who I had such fun chatting with (it was a very wide-ranging conversation, but the topic of BBC Sherlock did come up . . . ).

And yes! The Blogcademy is back in AKL in 2014, and yes! You should totally go!

Shauna: Your depth of knowledge is simply staggering, and my what beautiful eyes you have! 

Kat: You have taught me so much, and you are HILARIOUS.

Gala: You are a professional life-changer and I will forever be grateful that you helped me follow my dream. I love you!

- Nadine