Reading Material: New York City Ballet & bun-making

by Nadine Armiger

Ballet Buzz: NYCB's 'city.ballet' video series



The New York City Ballet is featured in this series of short episodes (about 7 or 8 minutes each). They are all online right now for binge-watching if you're keen, but I've been watching one episode a week following along with Dance Teacher magazine's weekly recaps.

What I find very striking is the strictly regimented ranking system of apprentices/corps/soloists/principals. It seems hard-hearted and even a little unfair, but I suppose since NYCB is a world-renowned company (and since dancers passionately love to dance!), there is no shortage of dance-labour to be swallowed up by the machine.


If you'd like to watch them all they are here, or if you'd like to read the Dance Teacher magazine recaps, they are here:

Teacher Talk: How to make a 'figure-8' ballet bun

The San Francisco Ballet have put together a short, simple ballet-bun photo tutorial that is ideal for long, all-one-length hair and creates a beautiful sleek bun that lies nice and flat to the head. 

Tell me - do you like sleek buns or are you more of a 'sock-bun' fan? And are the city.ballet episodes making you long for the return of The Secret Lives of Dancers? Let me know what you think here or here!

- Nadine