RNZB - Made to Move

by Nadine Armiger

8 - 9 March 2013. 

SUCH a good weekend! My dearly loved national ballet company was in town and I was there doing my devoted fangirl thing. 

Poster girl Antonia Hewitt, from the RNZB's Instagram feed.

Poster girl Antonia Hewitt, from the RNZB's Instagram feed.

There were 3 brand new short works, and while the first one didn't really do it for me, I loved 'Of Days' choreographed by Andrew Simmons of 'A Song In The Dark' fame (oooh, that one is GOOD!).  Simple, beautiful, four boys and four girls including my number-one favourite dancer, the amazingly expressive Brendan Bradshaw. The were long moments of silence while the dancers kept on dancing - it was magical and powerful. There was also a moment when my three 'leading ladies' (Abigail Boyle, Tonia Looker, Antonia Hewitt) whom I've been watching for years, performed a trio together - so special.

Tickets & 'Listener' review.

'Bier Halle' choreographed by Ethan Stiefel of international megastardom fame was SO MUCH FUN. Loved the comedy, the stunts, the slapstick, the flirting, the drinking, the informality and the energy. Plus Dimitri Kleioris is such a freakin' rock star! Great dancing and massive charisma.  

Yes, I went to the stage door afterwards for autographs. Yes, I am a total fangirl, I know, shush.  (You know it's just an excuse to talk to the dancers.) I spoke to Lucy Balfour, Ginny Gan, Lucy Green, Qi Huan, Kohei Iwamoto, Dimitri Kleioris, Helio Lima, Gillian Murphy (yes, THAT Gillian Murphy), Loughlan Prior, Harry Skinner, Matthew Slattery and Maree White. Good times!  :)

Invitation to watch the RNZB's company class.

And on Sunday afternoon I watched the company class. It was SO good! (Seriously, if I lived in Wellington I would be such a stalker.)  It was awesome to see everyone all together, no A-cast/B-cast situation, and great to see all the boys and girls doing the same stuff. I was totally fascinated! And Qi Huan recognised me from the night before . . 


Everyone go and see Swan Lake in August, OK? I'll take you to the company class as well if you like.  :)

- Nadine