Concert 2013

by Nadine Armiger

I'm just gonna say it - BEST SHOW YET. Well done everyone!

 - Nadine


"Great show Missy. Good to see the kids enthusiasm and enjoyment."

"Good on ya for all the effort you put into making a magic day for all our gorgeous girls! So many ahhh moments and big smiles..."

"Thoroughly enjoyable Nadine! All your hard work and long hours have paid off. You will sleep well tonight ! Xxxxx"



"Thanks Nadine for a fab show! The girls had a wonderful time, and it makes me so proud! Nanas and pops thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Great memories the girls will never forget. X"

"Awesome show well done on another fab year. Love seeing my girl up there enjoying herself so much. Thanks for all your hard work"

"Ariana feels like a superstar! I am a very proud mummy! All of her Whanau fans that came to awhi are super impressed! And you should be stoked with the awesome show that you produced! Hope you are enjoying your much deserved blob time. Xxxx"



"Loved watching them all boogying along to each others' dances back stage - soo much fun!! Girls were singing and dancing along to Superstar while getting changed ...."



'During the Kolo I hear Eddie say to Mum "Why are you crying Baba?" Her reply: "Because Ivka and Madeline are dancing our Croatian dance and they are beautiful!"'