Sydney Dance Company - 2 One Another

by Nadine Armiger

Stop thinking about it and just let it happen to you.


Start to finish . . . BEAUTIFUL.


Tell you what, though - my familiar ballet crowd is SO friendly and chatty and full of every generation from kids to great-grannies. The contemporary dance crowd is way more arty, snobby and has less of the family feel. They also tend more towards the dragged-through-a-bush-backwards aesthetic, unlike ballet fans who LOVE to dress up and look pretty! I also had the misfortune to be seated next to two terribly posh old biddies who had pinched someone else's seat but played dumb so she had to find another seat, who talked loudly during the performance (RUDE!), and who took way too long to realise that the cellphone ringing mid-show was one of theirs. Having said that, despite no claps at all throughout the whole show, for curtain call the crowd went CRAZY. Endless applause and whistles and cheers and calls of 'Bravo!' that went on and on. The dancers started out very professional and poised, but after about 12 or 15 bows they were just grinning and giggling with delight. Thoroughly deserved, too!


The music was so exciting! It was like movie music, it just swept you up and carried you along on an emotional roller-coaster. And the loud parts were so loud they reverberated through my ribcage. Fun!


The cast were gorgeous! Young fit beautiful people who did actually look like normal humans instead of idealised fairytale creatures. I loved all the differing heights and the real-life features of beards, tattoos, undercuts, fringes, man-buns and bob cuts. So cool!


I can be quite fussy about lighting, in a really boring "Too dark! Can't see their faces!" way. The lighting for this show was spectacularly clever and perfectly suited to the dancing. At some points they even bounced really bright reflected light into the theatre and lit up the whole audience. Definitely the best dance-show lighting I've ever seen.


The costumes were perfect - almost minimal, with the first black costumes being a similar-but-different collection of leggings and leotards. And I want a red romper suit now! I've been convinced that it's a look. I believe!


I'm not a contemporary dancer, so I couldn't anticipate or predict anything. All the movement unfolded in a magically unexpected way (to me). My favourite parts were the synchronised group dances - they were so powerful. Duets are always easy to watch, too. (LOVED all the boy-girl/boy-boy/girl-girl pairings!) The solos were a bit trickier as I kept trying to work out what was going on, and I had to keep reminding myself to stop thinking about it and just let it happen to you . . 


The cast all performed so flawlessly and with such amazing energy. I got a last-minute ticket (literally less than an hour before curtain up) so I was in Row K as that was the closest I could get. Normally I like to sit in the front row and just get bombarded with the whole experience, and of course you can see all the sweat and hard work from that close. But from Row K it was all quite invisible. I don't know who any of the dancers are except for of course Alana Sargent (she's the little blonde one with the wrist tatt), but they were all fabulous. In particular one of the bearded dudes was completely mesmerising.


Such a great night out - what a privilege to have seen this show. It was a lot of hard work on my part to get there for the closing show - months ago I had set an intention to go to any show I could manage, but I missed the first three! Reasonably priced tickets (no orchestra), a short one-hour-ten show that absolutely whizzed by, and I got home in time to shovel my kids into bed. Living the dream!